Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Bedouin in Iraq

By: Omar A. Jassim

For generations, Bedouins in Iraq have been using specific methods for the purpose of cooling the place in which they live.These methods cause less pollution to the environment.

Bedouins place leaves which have been sprinkled with some water at the entrances of rooms. This cools the breeze that enters the room, thus reducing the temperature within the room. This method of cooling is not harmful to the environment compared to the use of electrical appliances for cooling, which may cause the emission of gases harmful to human health.

Bedouins in Iraq are nomads and often on the move in search of places for their sheep and camel to graze, as their livelihood depends on livestock. Their modes of transport are camels, and not motorized vehicles. This conserves the environment as no green house gases are emitted, and also reduces health risks that may arise from inhaling dangerous vehicle fumes.
The Bedouin population is dependent upon the treatment of diseases using weeds. This reduces the risk of morbidity compared to the population of the city, where diseases spread quickly.
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  1. Grow up the civilization depend on using the power and making the human people future,
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    Laith Abdulla Arawi
    Quality Assurance Manager
    Commercial Bakeries corporation

  2. Bedouins in Iraq is one part of Iraqi social in the past time as we read in Geographic the Iraqi social consist of Bedouins, Farmers with fishers and some in trading workes. Bedouins whom they were growing ovine or camels mainly in the border of Iraqi west are facing to Syria, Jordan, Arabia Sudia and other part facing with Iran with southern east border. Now days the Bedouins in Iraq were reduced and satialed in small villages near to river Diglah or Efferent's, this villages were extend to big city , but some of people still working in growing sheep's mainly in the west border with Syria , Jordan and Arabia Sudia , there are two type of them some of them satialed near to city in the summer near to river as a source of water supply and during the spring they were moving and fellow the grass which is free and good food supply during spring session ,the life in desert is hard and not easy , In 1984 I am working as a veterinary doctor in Alqaiem The big city with Syria border, manly the peoples whom growing sheep's in this area are satialed in the city in there farms beside the Effrits river and during spring the took there sheep flocks to the desert fellow the grass , they have all cars lorry or pickup , many times I went with them and vaccination there sheep flocks , they live in tent manufactured from goat hair , they are very generous they make food for me after slaughter one lamb , the life was not easy because desert was not comfortable but for me go and come back at the same day was very interest for me because after raining you can see the green grass , birds in every were with small lamb fellow there mothers and crying was very nice show, the farmers and Bedouins bring with them clean drink water with ice and vegetables from the near city, other people like Bedouins may be still in the desert all the time because they have no farms in the city , the life in the desert not easy because some times when heavy rainy with cold air in the winter and in the summer some times very hot and dusty , the Bedouins were adapted in this environment and they are strong and have good immunity because there foods al so were natural production from Ewes like milk, cheese , butter , yoghurt and meat. I suggest to change this topic and write about other pollution in Iraqi country because Bedouins are not the source of pollution as they produce natural food for us and they are many topics which are very important in Iraq nowadays like Nuclear bombs and fertile uranium in Iraq after USA occupied Iraq and the Uranium pollution spreads through air dust and spreads in the farms , rivers and pollute our food and water supples which cause many cases of cancer and anomalies babies , this is the gift from USA to liberate Iraqi people as Bush said
    Dr. Qutaiba alrawi
    Cancer Immunology
    Advanced Medical and Dental Institute