Saturday, February 21, 2009

Garden in the Heart

by Tan Poh Ling

Lies within the coast area and busy city in Penang there is one of the Asia’s oldest botanical institutions, the Botanical Garden. It is also well known as the Waterfalls Garden. This garden is enriched with its wide range of the flowers. Established in 1884 this garden is also enriched with the historical sites. This place is the best place for us to examine the local flora and fauna. There are plenty of excellent nature trails around this area as well.

This garden not only serves us as one of the tourist attractions but also a place for us to conserve our environment. The greenery of this garden is much appreciated by the local people as this garden is a favorite spot for them spending their time at evenings and weekends.

The garden has a wide range of both local and also tropical trees, flowery plants and also ferns. Surrounded by the waterfalls and also the lily ponds, this place is an absolutely a perfect mind relaxing place after the hectic working life. Having fun during the free time with family and spending time together with them allow you and your family to tighten the relationship among each other.

This is a landmark of the conservation activities that has been done by the government that benefits both the country also the citizens. The government should create and also conserve more places like the Botanical Garden for the locals to enjoy a greenery environment also to boast the eco-tourism economy. Besides, recreations this place also enables children to learn about the flora and fauna. They can experience the real science class and get close up to the flora and fauna around them. First hand experience is the best teacher for the kids.

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