Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Symbol of Peace is the First Victims of Separation Wall

By: Khalid Abu Fayyad

The separation wall “some call it apartheid wall likening to system of apartheid in South Africa” constructed by the Israeli to separate the West Bank from the territories that occupied by Israeli occupation in 1948 l. The wall attached thousands of acres of Palestinians land in West Bank to Israel. The length of wall is approximately 750 km while its height is 8 meters.

Upon constructing the wall, the Israeli occupation uprooted more than 83 thousands of olive trees plus more than a million other tresses, as reported by Palestinian Statistics Center.

Given that the olive tree is very crucial to the environment as it contributes in the process of air pureration by capturing dust particles, consumption of carbon dioxide and release oxygen in the atmosphere, reducing the flow of water and soil erosion, and increase the opportunity to feed the underground reservoir, in addition to its contribution to the sustainability of wildlife through providing safe haven for birds and other animals, thus protecting the biodiversity.

The severe impacts of separation wall did not stop at uprooting the olive trees but also to the wildlife. The wall has cut the natural connection of animals with West Bank and deprived many kinds of animals from pastures and breeding areas.
With construction of the wall, the soil erosion and sedimentation increased and the flow of surface altered. In addition, the wall helped in creating suitable environment for growing of exotic weeds, pests and pathogens that thrived in the disturbed areas.

The serious concern of constructing the wall is its serious effects on water supplies around the wall. According to Palestinian Statistics Center, more than 50 wells lost as result of being located behind the wall . Subsequently, Palestinians people lost 7 million cubic meters of water which constitute 30 % of the total water consumption in West Bank.

It seems that uprooting olive trees by the Israeli occupation, killed any semblance of peace and love in land of Palestine. This confirms that Israeli occupation never one day seek the peace. Seeking the peace which symbolized by olive tree, necessitate removal all the walls and barriers and returning the rights back to their owners to let all enjoy safe and free environment from wars.

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