Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Insecticides Destroying the Health of the Iraqi

By: Omar A. Jassim

You think some things are good but in reality they are bad. The use of pesticides against harmful insects in the farmlands can cause many problems and diseases. Each type of pesticide brings its own viruses and they can lead to bigger problems rather than simply exterminating the insects.

The use of DDT insecticide, for instance, can lead to infection in man, plants, as well as to the bacteria in the soil. The simple chemical material not only affects these components but it also has the ability to destroy the whole organic structure of the soil.

Farmers in Iraq were using a variety of pesticides for many decades. They used pesticides in order to control the number of insects from infecting their plants and harvests such as fruits and vegetables. However, human health was at risk because of these pesticides.

The DDT insecticides were used in broad range in Iraq. This kind of insecticide was used to destroy harmful insects in no time. There was a report in 1971-1972 which informed that many Iraqis were facing some health problems and most of them had been hospitalized. There were also other pesticides with mercury as their main content. To worsen the situation, this kind of pesticide can lead to a disease name Alimamata.

Other pesticides that are frequently used in Iraq, for instance, phosphorus and asifin-based pesticides can also lead to animal, plants and soil infection as well as to human life. The Iraqi Government was asked and forced to come out with strict legislation on this problem. They were asked to put in place some solutions and mechanisms to solve this problem. They suggested some biological controls as to lessen down the use of toxic in the pesticides.

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