Monday, March 30, 2009

The Lead Gas Causing Iraqian Death

By: Omar A. Jassim

Iraq is becoming one of the worlds’ most polluted continent after the occupation of the US army in 2003 for several reasons.All the ministries in iraq stopped
operating after the US occupation especially in areas of environment, health and agricultural departments as many of the cities’ basic needs such as water and sanitation were contaminated.

The war caused a lot of destruction to disruption of work to power stations. The people were deprieved of electricity at homes, work places and at the universities. Therefore they were forced to search for an alternative source of electricity which was essential for their daily needs of life. The only successful alternative choice was the use of generators.

By using the generators the effects were that it contained the gas of lead which is one of the most harmful components in pollution to the mankind and the environment.The impact of lead was on adults and children, but there was greater impact to children below five years as the absorption rate on them was faster.
The emission of lead gas from the generators caused people to suffer from diseases such as poisoning of the nerves, heart disorders, increase in blood pressures and babies born with low IQ. Moreover the generators consumed a lot of oil which in return caused the emission of gases causing even more pollution.

The people in most of the cities in Iraq were using the generators as a substitute to electricity because the Iraqi government didn’t take any initiatives to repair the power stations which were destroyed by U.S army either. Diseases was increasing as polluted gases were inhaled by human being due to emission from the generators.

Photo by: Omar A. Jassim

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