Monday, March 30, 2009

Threats of Death to Fallujah

By: Omar A. Jassim

The non-conventional weapons used through out Fallujah city by the U.S. military during the battle of Fallujah in 2004 contained varying ratios of depleted uranium and white phosphorus.

These chemicals contributed to high toxicity which led to significant pollution of the Euphrates River base and all agricultural areas.This then lead to a significant easy spread of the toxin from earth and water.This in return affected agricultural environment.

Through grass and fruits and vegetation the toxic was transmitted to grazing animals and humans.Toxicity is very strong and they exists very long causing disaster to nature.It also contributes to a lot of serious illnesses as it it has the ability to mutant the human genes which leads cancer incidences and abnormal babies being born.

According to the organization of IRIN of the UN, about 65 percent of the cancer patients are children of 5 years old and below. The beginning of emergence of many diseases rose only after 4 years upon the battle of Fallujah as the U.S. army used uranium and white phosphorus.The most affected ones were the born babies and women.

The war continued for 19 days in 2003 before the occupation of Baghdad by the US. They dropped more than 13000 bombs, which are nearly 88500 tons of bombs, which is equivalent to 4425 times as powerful as bombs dropped on Hiroshima. However, the war against Fallujah continued for more of 30 days on 2004 and certainly the US army dropped more many thousands of bombs on Fallujah.

Under the pretext of killing the combatants, the dangers were extended to women and children, so much so that the newly married were afraid of giving birth the abnormal babies.

Agriculture was the main source of income to the people in Fallujah about 45Km west of Baghdad and the Euphrates river contained alot of gases pollution which were dropped by the US.There are high possibilities expected in the increase of diseases and cancer in Fallujah in the years to come
The Ministries of the Iraqi government such as health, environment and agricultural departments are not taking enough precautionary measures facing the threat and increase in the number diseases especially cancer and deformed new borns.

photo by: Omar A. Jassim

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