Monday, March 30, 2009

The War and the Environment

By: Omar A. Jassim

Who is the victor in the war? The burden of the war is not only harmful to man but to the environment. Like it or not, today, most of our tax money goes to the US war on Iraq. Everything green has turned into toxins or ashes because the environment is the last thing to be protected.

During the occupancy of the US soldiers in Iraq in 2003, they had chopped off a lot of trees for the war. Baghdad and most of the cities in Iraq appeared like a barren desert and suffered too much because it lost the important element of the environmental balance.

Iraq has a vast desert, especially in western regions, which has remained for hundreds of years, rock dirt static. But the result of inhuman activities by the movement of aircraft and the tanks of the US army, led gatherings of the sand dunes, fragmentation of rocks. The wind swept the cities to contribute to increasing desertification of the cities, the rapid spread of diseases and covering of agricultural land.

Also, the U.S military used chemical weapons such as uranium, phosphate and anthrax, that poisons killed the man, polluted the rivers and farmland. This is inhuman because environment was destroyed totally. Therefore, most Iraqis are stressed with the polluted environment that they have to live in.

Worldwide is talking about conserving environment, but Iraqis are suffering from it. This is all because of ignorance of some people who are claimed to be the world leaders. As long as the war continues, there is nothing Iraqis can do about their environment.

photo by: Omar A. Jassim

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