Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Malaysian Mangroves Trees

By: Omar A. Jassim

After the devastating Tsunami in 2004, Malaysia has begun to pay a lot of attention to the protection of nature especially on mangroves trees.
One way of doing it by replanting the mangroves.Most of these activities are conducted by the NGOs with supports from the government agencies.

This effort should be example to many Arabian countries. As far as I know, the Arabian countries are not doing anything about the issue of mangroves destruction.
Therefore, the first thing these countries should do is by educating their people on the importance of mangroves to humans.

Mangroves trees are very important for people as it protects the land from the waves of the sea and also harbors living animals such as monkeys, crabs and birds as well as many types of insects. Mangroves are normally found to be growing near the shores of Malaysia.It has a unique ecosystem and provides a living place for many different species of flora & fauna which hardly be found in other parts of the world. Hence, andthis can be a place of attraction to the tourists.

The mangroves trees have roots which appear on the surface and also have a striking and complex appearance.andMangroves have been ignored by human beings for decades, but Tsunami has mademakes people realize its importance again.
Mangroves help to protect a change in nature.

photo by: Omar A. Jassim

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